GTA IV: 16-player multiplayer revealed!

GTA IV's 15 (yes - fifteen) multiplayer modes have been revealed, in Spain's edition of PSM3 Magazine.

Online multiplayer is accessed through Niko's mobile in the single-player game, where you can join up to 15 other players for shootouts and customise your character, right down to his or her race, hair and clothing.

As well as the obligatory deathmatch and team deathmatch modes, GTA IV's awesome-sounding list of game modes includes a Race mode around Liberty City, four-player co-op fights against the police and the very obvious cops vs. crooks team game.

One mode, Hangman's Noose, is based on a mission from the single-player campaign which has you protecting Mafia man Kenny Petrovic with up to four team mates. Very quickly you're ambushed by SWAT teams and have to fight your way across the city.

In comparison, Mafia and Team Mafia are simple fetch-quests, with each player being dished out the same co-ordinates and tasks around the city, and everyone dashing to finish it first.

Bomb Da Base and others are presumably the same as the identically-named modes in the PSP Grand Theft Auto games. "Free Roam" is presumably a glorified chat room, which sounds like a decent addition to us.

Look for more of our own impressions soon. The full list of known game modes is:

Hangman's Noose
Car Jack City
Bomb da Base
Bomb da Base II
Mafia Work
Team Mafia Work
Team Deathmatch
Turf War
Cops N Crooks
GTA Race
Deal Breaker
Free Roam

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab).

Mar 14, 2008