GTA 5 Rags and Riches is a fan-made expansion with a completed Mile-High Club

GTA 5 is getting some new DLC thanks to a team of modders who are completing the long-dormant Mile-High Club as part of the expansion.

The GTA 5 Rags and Riches DLC is a fan-made expansion by Ambitioneers Team, a group of modders using the interior and exterior of the Mile-High Club, as well as the Los Santos Theater, to give players some new story missions at long last. You can get into the Early Access version of the DLC via the Ambitioneers Team's Patreon page, or wait for the free version when that launches at an undisclosed date. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are the playable characters, or you can use your GTA Online character if you prefer.

"The hardest part was trying to make this whole block area fit with the rest of the vanilla map," modder Kalit told PCGN. "The quality has to match the surrounding elements, and it should look and feel like something Rockstar would do.

"We had to redo a lot of stuff to make sure our work didn't feel out of place on the map, so it's not just modeling and texturing the models and the work is done. Some elements still do feel out of place, and that's something we still have to put work into."

In addition to new locations, story missions, weapons, and vehicles, Rags and Riches will have an online component as well. The modders told PCGN that a FiveM version is in the works that'll let players use Rags and Riches in their GTA roleplay sessions.

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