GTA 5 load times are significantly reduced on the Xbox Series X

Grand Theft Auto 5
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

GTA 5 will have siginificantly reduced load times on the Xbox Series X.

Rockstar's open-world phenomenon has become known for its significant loading times, particularly when logging in to online play. The Xbox Series X has now officially been tested for how it handles these loading times.

In a video published by GameRiot, the loading times for both story mode and online play were tested individually. When booting up and going into story mode, the Xbox Series X took roughly 38 seconds to get going. Online play, on the other hand, took much longer. From start to finish, accessing Grand Theft Auto Online took just over two minutes in this particular video. This gives a roughly minute and a half difference between the two loading times. 

The loading times on GTA 5 rose to meme status among players for being notoriously long, with GTA Online loading times taking as much as ten to fifteen minutes for some. Players have tried many different tips and tricks to try and game the system and make things load faster, but nothing has seemed to stop the lengthy wait times from becoming infamous with GTA fans. 

Players can, however, look forward to a much smoother loading experience once they get their hands on Xbox Series X and its improved horsepower. A test courtesy of IGN a few months back also found that loading times were improved when played on the Xbox Series X. 

GTA players can test out the new loading times for themselves when the Xbox Series X debuts on November 10.

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