GT HD not to be boxed

Friday 1 December 2006
Gran Turismo HD won't be boxed and will be unavailable to buy in shops. Instead you will have to purchase the game from Sony's online PlayStation Store.

GT HD will have just one track and a total of 10 vehicles (seven cars and three motorbikes) and is designed to show off the high definition potential of the GT series on PS3, while we await the release of Gran Turismo 5. Once you've got the basic package the game can be supplemented by downloading more cars and tracks as they become available online.

However, disappointingly, that's the only network functionality there'll be - we'll have to wait (again!) until GT5 for the online multiplayer action we've been promised since Gran Turismo 3. The game is due for release in Japan on 24 December but Sony has announced that the title will only be available from the PlayStation store and for a limited period.