Grindhouse imagery arrives

Ever since those teaser posters went up at Comic-Con and Quentin Tarantino brought some exciting footage intended to blow everyone away, we’ve been awaiting something more.

Thankfully, as the release date for the maxi-sized madness creeps closer like a zombie from the grave, the kind people at Entertainment Weekly have been given some new photos from the film – and have decided to share.

According to Tarantino, who directed serial-killer-with-a-car entry Death Proof, he wants Grindhouse to “pay tribute to the movies that we grew up on. I call them 'boner movies' because they get you so excited.''

Thanks for that, QT. Still, we’re finally getting to meet Kurt Russell’s grizzled killer and see his deadly vehicle in action.

Rodriguez, meanwhile, has Planet Terror, a sci fi B-movie tale of zombies and chicks with guns. ''The best thing about Grindhouse is how easily it can be a franchise,'' Rodriguez tells EW. ''We can do kung fu, blaxploitation, you name it.''

You know you want to see the pictures right now. So what are you waiting for? Click here !

Source: ( EW )

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