Greg Capullo to return to Marvel Comics after 30 years

Inferno #1 Greg Capullo "Hidden Gem" variant cover
Inferno #1 Greg Capullo "Hidden Gem" (meaning old art) variant cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Superstar artist Greg Capullo has confirmed his impending return to Marvel Comics, first as a cover artist, though with plans to do "a project" at the publisher.

Speaking to Mark Millar on his Millarworld podcast, Capullo stated that he's been in talks to work with Marvel Comics for some time after his landmark run as the artist of Batman and several subsequent event stories, including Dark Nights: Metal and its sequel Dark Nights: Death Metal.

The artist briefly worked for Marvel in the late '80s and early '90s including a Quasar series at the start of his career. It was his work on X-Force in 1993 that got the attention of Todd McFarlane, who recruited Capullo to become the main Spawn artist, which, along with Batman and the Metal and Death Metal series at DC with Scott Scott Snyder, is one of the titles the artist is best known for. 

(Image credit: DC)

In fact, Capullo's art can currently be seen in the brand new DC-Image crossover one-shot Batman/Spawn #1, written by McFarlane, that went on sale Tuesday, December 13.

The last panel of the 48-page one-shot teased a sequel, but neither DC nor Todd McFarlane Productions have officially announced a follow-up.

Though he has no plans to work on an ongoing series at Marvel, Capullo will create some covers for the publisher and is gearing up to work on a mystery project that includes interiors.

Capullo offered no further details about what the project might be but teased that he may work alongside writer Donny Cates, who Capullo has been trying to work with him for some time.

He also revealed that he almost worked on a Fantastic Four story with Dan Slott, but he was under a deadline for another project and had to pass on the assignment.

Cates has recently stepped away from his Marvel ongoing series Thor and Hulk announcing somewhat cryptically he's been "working with and in the background on something INSANE..."

Newsarama has identified Cates as an odds-on favorite to become the new Avengers writer in 2023 following the upcoming exit of writer Jason Aaron, though Capullo's reveal that his Marvel project wont be an ongoing series seems to take Avengers out of the equation.

Marvel had no comment on whatever Capullo's plans with them are. 

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