Marvel may have given a major clue as to who will be the next Avengers writer

Avengers Assemble Omega #1 cover art
Avengers Assemble Omega #1 cover art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

2023 is now underway, which means we're moving into the final months of writer Jason Aaron's Avengers run, which he's been working on since 2018 in the core Avengers title and several spin-offs, with the endgame of his time on the title now underway in the massive 'Avengers Assemble' crossover which brings together nearly every Avenger ever.

But that begs the obvious question in monthly comics: what next?

If Aaron's on his way out, that means another writer is on their way in. But who is it gonna be? A young upstart? A returning vet? A currently up-and-coming Marvel writer?

Marvel hasn't announced anything yet, but we've got our eye on a few potential candidates to take over as Avengers writer after Jason Aaron departs - some likely candidates, some dark horse options, and a few we'd just really like to see get the gig.

The odds-on favorites

Marvel Comics FCBD 2023 Avengers/X-Men #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Right off the bat, we have to consider the possibility that Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti's upcoming new mystery project is an Avengers relaunch. Marvel has been tight-lipped about what the title is, which seems to indicate that they expect the eventual reveal to make waves.

And adding fuel to the fire is Marvel's planned Avengers/X-Men: Free Comic Book Day 2023 one-shot, which features a story by Hickman and Schiti that appears to at least be Avengers adjacent.

But Hickman already spent several years writing Avengers leading into 2015's Secret Wars. Would he go back to the Avengers, having already told such a massive story spinning out of his work on multiple Avengers titles over years?

Then there's the writer who is perhaps Jason Aaron's heir apparent, Donny Cates. He's followed in Aaron's footsteps before, taking the reins of Thor after Aaron's departure, so he could be gearing up to do the same on Avengers.

There's also writer Christopher Cantwell, who's about to be fresh off a run on Iron Man, seemingly positioning him in a perfect spot to take over as the writer of Avengers. 

And similarly, fan-favorite writer Jed Mackay seems poised to step up into such a position, having even recently gotten some Avengers experience having written the Avengers Mech Strike limited series. In fact, in recent weeks, MacKay's likelihood of taking over as the next Avengers writer has skyrocketed thanks to the events of Marvel's December 28 Timeless one-shot, which was followed up by a tease hinting that MacKay could be the next writer to take on Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The dark horse candidates

Savage Avengers cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

There are a handful of obvious picks for the next Avengers writer among Marvel's current stable. But some perhaps less likely candidates still fit the bill to step up to Marvel's flagship title sooner or later.

Writer Gene Luen Yang has been making a name at Marvel Comics over the last couple of years, and he's soon to be hot off a defining run on recent Marvel superstar Shang-Chi. And he's got experience writing team books at DC, so it's not so long a shot to consider.

We also have to consider the possibility that freshman Marvel Comics writer David Pepose may be in a position to step up to the plate for Avengers. He's the current writer of spin-off title Savage Avengers after all, and he recently wrote a well-received arc of the Avengers Unlimited streaming comic starring members of the core Avengers roster.

Pepose has been hands-on with Earth's Mightiest Heroes for a while now, and with a growing Marvel resume under his belt including Moon Knight and Fantastic Four stories, he's bound to be in the running.

At the same time, writer Eve L. Ewing is stepping back up to the plate at Marvel Comics writing Monica Rambeau's first-ever solo title. Monica is a longtime Avenger - even a former leader of the team - so Ewing is now playing on the Avengers field at the very least.

There's also writer Steve Orlando, who is currently entrenched in the X-Men office as the writer of Marauders. But he's soon to be dipping his toes back in the Avengers pool writing the new Scarlet Witch ongoing series. Orlando's got the chops and POV to take the team in a totally different direction than Aaron's long run if he gets the shot.

The returning favorites

Avengers Forever art by Carlos Pacheco (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

We should also consider the chance that Marvel could bring back a former Avengers writer - if not Jonathan Hickman, perhaps another writer who might have some more gas in the tank for another round with Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

If there's an obvious candidate who fits that description, it's Al Ewing. He previously wrote volumes of Mighty Avengers and New Avengers, but he hasn't had a shot at the core title just yet. And with a storm currently brewing in the Kree/Skrull Alliance he helped define in the event story Empyre, he might be the guy to jump in after Jason Aaron.

And even though it's a long shot, we'd be remiss not to, perhaps a bit wishfully, consider the chance that Kurt Busiek might take a victory lap run on the title.

Busiek brought the Avengers back to prominence in the late '90s alongside artist George Pérez and created an enduring Avengers epic in Avengers Forever alongside Carlos Pacheco - so even if it's maybe unlikely, we'd love to see him get his laurels with another adventure (maybe even honoring the late Pérez and Pacheco).

Someone from DC

Nubia & the Amazons #1 cover (Image credit: DC)

Then of course Marvel has the potential option to steal someone away from DC. Current Nubia: Queen of the Amazons writer Stephanie Williams has been building a catalog of stories that are bound to have someone putting her up among the big guns sooner or later - and Marvel could have a smart move on their hands by luring an up-and-comer away.

On that note, there's also the writing team of Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad, who have been writing the core Wonder Woman series, or potentially Flash writer Jeremy Adams, who all seem due for climbing a few more rungs up the ladder.

And of course, we have to say it, Mark Waid has written the Avengers himself, notably following Secret Wars. He seems all too happy carving out his own corner of the DC Universe right now, but if Marvel wanted a big "get" and a veteran all in one, Waid would make for a big surprise.

While we wait to find out what's next, read the best Avengers stories of all time.

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