GRAW 2 Developer's Diary video

Coming in today is the first, in what ispresumably a series,Developer Diary videofor the eagerly anticipated Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (GRAAAAAW!). The 6 minute feature entitled "Look and Feel" gives an in depth look into exactly what goes in to building the ambiance and physics surrounding thesuper-serious skirmishestaking place at theUS/Mexican border.

The video sports some pretty slick production values,showing off plenty of in-game footage backed with commentary from Ubisoft's Parisian designers (creepy voiceover dub at no extra charge). If you squint really hard you can even catch a glimpse of the man himself: Tom Clancy. Okay, not really. But we here at GamesRadar have no idea what he looks like and an extremely vivid imagination. Click the Movies tab above, launch the video player, and find "GRAW 2 - 'Look and Feel' developer diary 01-29-07" to unleash your inner warmonger.

January 29, 2007