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Grand Theft Scratchy lives on

Apparently Rockstar were among a number of game companies that weren%26rsquo;t happy with the way The Simpsons Game, out for 360, Wii, PS2, DS 2 November, was parodying their creations and wanted somethings removed from the final code.

In an excusiveinterview with CVG the lead designer, Greg Rizzer, stated %26ldquo;we've had to pull stuff from the game%26rdquo;. But it seems, apart from renaming thetrailer on the official site from Grand Theft Scratchy to the less catchy Mob Rules, not much has changed.

As you can see from the video, taken from the PS3 version, below,a cut-scene which focuses on Bart buying %26ldquo;Grand Theft Scratchy%26rdquo; has been left untouched, complete with posters for the game, a nerdy store clerk who sells Bart the merchandise, and a shot of the box art which has more than a little resemblance to a certain GTA cover.

However, it's possible that the pre-production version of The Simpsons game we've been given for review puposes was created too late for edits to be made to the offending game title - and it's still possible itmaynot appearin the retail copies that go on sale on 2 November. Either that or EA's editing hasn't been aswide-reaching as we originally thought.

The Simpsons on 360, Wii, PS2and DShits stores on 2 November with PS3 and PSP versions following on 9 November.