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Grand Theft Auto: Loose ends

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
2004 | PS2, Xbox, PC

The largest and most staggeringly ambitious of all the GTA games, taking place over the course of three enormous islands and enabling you to make the protagonist, CJ Johnson, look like a fatty by cramming his stomach full of burgers and allowing him to waddle downtown in just a pair of briefs. All things that have been repeated numerous times now, of course, but it’s impossible to convey just how futuristic this game seemed in the simpler times of 2004. Many don't see it as the best GTA - too much empty space, and diving into a pizzeria in the middle of a firefight for a health-refilling snack was beyond ludicrous - but the first visit to GTA’s West Coast was a real eye-opener for anyone who thought Rockstar would sit back on their asses and let the competition catch up.

Kent Paul and Rosenberg
These two rats are running out of places to hide. Having gained a reputation for causing trouble in Vice City during the '80s, they hop on over to the West Coast, where Cockney loudmouth Paul takes over management duties for band Gurning Monkeys. Rosenberg, meanwhile, implicates himself in the affairs of the rival Mafia gangs’ dealings in Las Venturas’ casinos. Having had to fake their own death to escape the wrath of the Leone family, it would seem that all three cities are off-limits to these bozos, and if they’re smart, they’ll keep away - but do they look smart to you?