Gran Turismo 5 install requires 6.4 GB, takes 40-50 minutes

You've waited more than five years since the game was originally announced, about a year since the game was initially scheduled for release, and a couple weeks since the "confirmed" November 2 release date. But even once you finally get your hands on Gran Turismo 5, you mayhave to wait a bit longer, at least, you will if you want to install it first.

According to reports, the game's installrequires6.4 GBof free space (andexpands to 10 GB, apparently)and takes 40-50 minutes to install to the PS3 hard drive. Though Sonyhas told Eurogamerthat, to avoid the wait,you can opt to allow the game to install in chunks as you play.

So for all of you who are running low on PS3 storage capacity, you might want to do some house cleaning now. But if you really just can't get yourself to delete that season of Battlestar Galactica, don't worry. The install isn't mandatory, but it will speed things up. And after all this waiting, you can wait a little longer to finally do something fast, right?

Gran Turismo 5 releases (for real this time) next week, on the 24th in most countries (the 25thin Australia and Japan).

[Source:Sixth Axis]

Nov 19, 2010