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Grab this solid 27-inch FHD monitor for a bargain basement $110

Sceptre monitor deal
(Image credit: Sceptre)

If you're looking for a big, solid monitor but don't have pockets lined with cash, Walmart's currently running a pretty attractive deal on a 27-inch Sceptre model, down $90 to a mere $110.  It's an FHD panel with a reasonable 75Hz refresh rate, and while it's not the the most stunning, high resolution, fully featured monitor on the planet, for a little more than a hundred bucks it's a pretty great deal.

Buying your first gaming PC, or want to save money on a display so you can spend more on performance parts? This is the deal for you. It's also a nice fit if you're looking for a second display to run a dual-monitor setup, or want a monitor for a backup PC or a second room. At 27 inches, it's a good option for plugging one of the best gaming laptops into when you're at home, too. It's got VGA and HDMI inputs and a pair of built-in speakers so you don't need to worry about splashing out any extra cash for a soundbar, and would make a pretty tasty gift for a student about to head off to college who needs a monitor to park in their dorm room (or to put in your kid's bedroom at home). 

Sceptre 17-inch FHD 75Hz monitor | $110 at Walmart (save $90)
A super cheap monitor to get your first PC battlestation started, or an easy impulse buy if you're looking for a second screen or a solid gift.View Deal

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