GR receives Top Secret information

Sept 12, 2007

We love getting post, especially if it has Top Secret written on it in big red pen, so imagine our faces when an envelope stamped with those immortal letters was delivered in this morning's post.

Upon opening it however we were less than overjoyed to find all the %26ldquo;Top Secret%26rdquo; information was in German. After trying our best to translate it ourselves, and failing miserably, we contacted a German friend who did a much better job.

Thetranslation reads as follows:

Operation : Wintersonne

This project is approved by the Ministry of War

Synopsis: Due to latest scientific knowledge a detailed, and in several parts divided, work can be considered feasible. Assuming the availability of required resources and materials as well as available job performance is satisfactory, a positive result is expected within an adequate term ( to be ascertained by the project leader).

The Reichsarbeitsdienst is not supposed to provide any resources for this project. Additional scientists from different fields are needed as the project is partly about basic research. Premises and technical equipment will be bought from the budget provided by the Ministry of War.

The progress of this project is to be monitored in the regular and below mentioned intervals as the status demands a positive result within a certain term.

Above: The letter the caused so much excitement, and then so muchconfusion

We've discovered thata point and click adventure called Undercover: Operation Wintersun is being released for PC at the end of the month, and we're willing to bet a small fortune that the letterthat got us so excited isdesigned to draw our attention to that slightly lessexciting fact. We'll be conducting more research at the Tokyo Games Show next week. Stay tuned.

James Jarvis
Executive Producer, GR Video

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