Gotham readies for Harley - Punchline rematch in Batman #98 preview

(Image credit: DC)

In June's Batman #93 the Joker's deadly new gal Friday Punchline nearly killed his former deadly gal Friday Harley Quinn and now in September's Batman #98, a rematch is on the card. 

(Image credit: DC)

"Although she was left for dead, reports of Harley's demise were 'greatly exaggerated' (with apologies to Mark Twain) and she’s the only one left to help Batman recover from the effects of the strongest Joker toxin attack yet!" reads DC's official description of Batman #98. "And as she helps him overcome his wild hallucinations, Punchline returns to finish the job she started and you can bet Harley will be looking for some serious payback."

'The Joker War' part four of six goes on sale Tuesday, September 1 by the creative team of writer James Tynion IV,  artist Jorge Jimenez, and covers artists Jimenez, David Finch, and Francesco Mattina.

"Batman is at his most vulnerable following a massive dose of an experimental new Joker toxin," continues DC's description. "With the Dark Knight haunted by demons and visions, it's up to Harley Quinn to protect him while he recovers—because Punchline is on her way!"

Check out the new preview images in our gallery: 

"Some readers might take issue with the fact that Tynion is a very deliberate writer," reads Best Shots review of Batman #96, the latest chapter of 'Joker War.' 

"There's a lot going on here, but not a lot happens, if that makes sense. For an arc called 'Joker War,' there's not even really an abundance of the Clown Prince of Crime just yet — but it's tough to ignore the good work here. Readers already recognize that Joker is a threat, but he's been foiled so many times before. Tynion and Jimenez have to show how this time is different, and that's the fun of this part of the ride."

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