New Goonies 2 concept art might be the closest thing we’ll ever get to a sequel

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Hey, you guys! Goonies 2 might not be a reality (yet), but there is some newly-released concept art from the prospective sequel, as well as an update from the writer looking to get the project off the ground.

Adam F. Goldberg – creator of ‘80s-set sitcom The Goldbergs – is currently working on a Goonies 2 script and has shared concept art from Michael Barnard (via Slash Film) involving (what else?) a treasure map, a riddle, and an enormous set akin to the pirate ship in the cult classic original.

That engraving on the skull? It says, “One mistake shall rain down fear/Feel the wrath of the Devil’s Tears.” Hopefully we get to see where the ominous message leads on the big screen one day.

So, what’s the status on Goonies 2? Goldberg said during a Goonies Day interview with Curtis Templeton that it’s been a long road: “I met on Goonies 2 15 years ago, and for the last 15 years I’ve been figuring out what that movie is.”

“After doing The Goldberg Goonies episode, I really started to think about it… About four years ago, it hit me what the movie is.”

Next, Goldberg will reach out to Richard Donner with a pitch, but doesn’t want to “give away too much.” He did hint that “we’ll see where the characters are today”

The writer ended with a plea to fans for help with the sequel, “I’ll be lurking on the message boards, so instead of telling me I suck and I’m ruining your childhood, tell me what you want to see in a sequel! And what the hell do I do with Sloth?”

Maybe, just maybe Goonies won’t say die – and we’ll get a sequel sooner rather than later.

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