Google Stadia 2020 plans include 120 new games, with over 10 launch exclusives

(Image credit: Google)

Google Stadia will add more than 120 games to its library in 2020, Google said in a recent blog post. This includes "more than 10 games in the first half of this year alone that will [only be] available on Stadia when they launch." 

Google didn't outline what these titles are, but says it's "working with our partners to share more on those games soon." The wording of this announcement is also worth noting. If Google had 10 or more full-fat Stadia exclusives on the way, it would probably write that in the sky in bold font, especially after the platform's rocky launch. Instead, it said these games will only be available on Stadia when they launch, which suggests some or all of them may be timed exclusives. That's just conjecture, but until we get more details, conjecture is all we really have to go on. 

The company's blog post also discussed some of the features planned for Stadia in 2020. In the next three months, Google plans to release support for 4K web gaming, improved assistant functionality for web gaming, additional Android phone support, and wireless web gameplay via the Stadia controller. 

"There is a lot more in store for this year," Google concluded. "In the meantime, we hope gamers are gearing up for some great new games and experiences. Toward the end of this month, we will share more about the games coming to Stadia Pro in February." 

In November, we compared Google Stadia's promises to the reality of its launch, to mixed results.  

Austin Wood

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