Gondry and Clowes get animated

In between his busy schedule of being a visionary genius, Michel Gondry cooks up various projects. And last year, he started talking about making an animated movie based on his son’s work.

Yes, 16-year-old Paul Gondry will work with his dad (no one mention the “n” word of nepotism here, as it sounds like he’s a chip off the ol’ block). And the pair has nabbed themselves a top-notch collaborator to pen the script: Ghost World’s Daniel Clowes.

So, what is the new film – apparently titled Migel Munya – all about?

“It’s based on Paul’s universe,” Clowes tells Slash Film. “He’s a sixteen year old. He’s very unique, very funny and very violent in his drawing and his art, showing everything that you could think of that I should have stopped him from coming in contact with, but I failed. He grew up watching Tom & Jerry and Ren & Stimpy, Sponge Bob. If you take all that and mix it with Gangster movies with blood, you get his universe.”

Sounds like a riot. For more on the movie, head over to Slash Film here .