Golden Joystick Awards 2018: New Hitman 2 Accolades trailer is a grim ode to the art of assassination

Hitman 2 may already be out in the wild, but that hasn’t stopped Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer IO Interactive from showing off another dazzling trailer at this week’s Golden Joystick Awards, this time plastered with all the critical praise to have been heaped on the game so far.

Didn’t catch it? Don’t worry, we’ve got the full accolades trailer in all its gory glory right here, so check out the video above to see what you missed. If you haven’t yet heard, Hitman 2 is another season for IO Interactive’s excellent reboot of the classic assassination franchise, in which players navigate a series of sprawling sandboxes to kill their targets as Agent 47 through any means possible.

Fans of the 2016’s Hitman will be pleased to know that the emergent level design and airtight stealth gameplay is back in full form for Hitman 2, allowing your Agent 47 to once again get truly creative with his executions. Send targets straight to the grim reaper via explosive rubber ducks, giant fish, or those iconic Silverballer pistols… the choice is yours.

As mentioned, Hitman 2 is already out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, so if this trailer has left you hankering for the art of assassination, feel free to pick up your fresh copy of the game right now. If not, then feel free to watch the rest of the Golden Joystick Awards live on Twitch, or keep an eye out on GamesRadar for coverage of all the latest news out of the show before it wraps up.

Alex Avard

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