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You won't need to covet these Gold and Silver PS4 controllers for much longer

I've reached that difficult point in a PS4 owner's life where I already own four DualShock 4 controllers but Sony keeps putting out cooler ones. Case in point: the new Gold and Silver controllers which were revealed at Sony's Tokyo Game Show conference (opens in new tab) are officially coming West.

Both the gold and silver models have shiny front plates, with a matte black back panel on the gold version and a matte white one on the silver. Sony's released a few detail shots of the gold controller, which you can see above. Look at how smooth and satiny they are, like in one of those overtly sexual commercials for expensive chocolate.

Both controllers have only been confirmed for release in European territories, and Sony isn't ready to nail down a price or release date yet. Still, I'd be very surprised if they didn't hit North America in short order.

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