Godly rogue-like Hades coming to Switch with PC cross-save this fall

SuperGiant Games is bringing its godly action rogue-like Hades to Nintendo Switch this fall.

The Switch port was revealed during today's Nintendo Indie stream. Hades was originally released on the Epic Games Store in 2018, but it's now available on Steam as well. It's still in early access on both platforms, but SuperGiant was always planning to leave early access and launch in full sometime later this year. As it happens, the 1.0 update will coincide with the release of the Switch version. Better still, the Switch version will support cross-save with PC, so you'll be able to bring your existing save file on the go.  

Cross-save support also means you can jump into Hades now without worrying about redoing anything on Switch, and there's never a bad time to start your journey through the underworld. As you'd expect from the developers of Bastion and Transistor, Hades was already a polished and pretty action game when it started its early access period, and it's only gotten better in the years since. You play as Zagreus, the prince of Hell, on a quest to break out of the underworld. Each death sets you back to square one, but you get a little (or a lot) stronger each run, and the sense of progression is immensely satisfying. 

Hades has already seen several major updates, each one adding new items, abilities, and challenges to the underworld. The most recent, The Blood Price, introduced a new vendor named Charon, three new legendary weapon aspects, and a whole host of enemies and bosses. The Blood Price was also the biggest update ever in terms of dialogue, reinforcing Hades' surprising focus on storytelling and further expanding its rich mythological world. 

Hades is really good, basically, so it's great to see it coming to Switch. 

Subnautica and its Below Zero sequel are also coming to Switch. 

Austin Wood

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