Godfall PS5 gameplay video introduces the Dual Blades, Long Sword, and Shield

A new Godfall gameplay overview gives us a deep dive into the "looter slasher" combat, with a special focus on two of its main weapon types.

We've already gotten some teases of how Godfall fuses combo-driven third-person action with customizable, loot-based gear. The video that developer Counterplay Games debuted at the PlayStation State of Play event was all about the fightin'. Godfall will feature five main weapon classes, and today we learned about the Dual Blades and the Longsword.

Each weapon class has its own playstyle, highlighted by unique combos and special abilities. The Dual Blades are the fastest weapons in Godfall, with a close-up style that works best when used against enemies outside of groups and unarmored opponents. Special abilities allow you to temporarily power up your strikes, or throw a blade through an enemy and drag them back into your range.

The Long Sword is meant to be a balanced and approachable style, without relying on flashy combos. Special abilities give you powerful, uninterruptible attacks, and even some special synergy with the Shield. Speaking of which, you'll be able to use the Shield at any point in Godfall: it's an adaptable instrument of defense and offense that can be used for blocks, parries, shield slams, throwing, finishers, and even petrifying opponents with a powerful wave.

Counterplay Games says it will have more to share about Godfall soon, including how its loot-based progression system will help you augment your character. It's headed to PS5 and PC in time for holiday 2020.

It has the loot, but not the FOMO treadmill: Counterplay has confirmed that Godfall will be a single package with no microtransactions or service elements. 

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