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God of War's 16 goriest moments

The Pegasus section near the start of God of War 2 looks superb, especially in HD on PS3's God of War Collection. If God of War's style was set to 9, it's on about 12 for the sequel. Kratos leaps from Pegasus to griffin, lops off its wings, then stabs it in the neck and uses his blade to swing it toward the ground.

Above: Now it's just a lion with a bird's head. Destroy the mutant!

Big Bird's hunger

In a nod to greek mythology, this bird is feasting on the internal organs of Prometheus. Poor chap - it's a punishment, y'see. Chained up as bird food and every night he heals completely, ready to start the ordeal all over again.We do like the bird though. Friendly little fella.

Above: That's what you get for snacking on bird seed


Spines are delicate things. Kratos knows this and makes sure this centurian never walks again. We've got to say it: Oh snap!

Above: We're no anatomists, but it's not supposed to bend like that, right?

Mostly armless

These guys really take some punishment, don't they? What first appears to be Kratos ripping off the guy's arm and beating him to death with the wet end is actually more violent. Yeah, you read that right. Kratos is actually after the blade that's strapped to the guy's wrist. That's why he pulls off his arm. Our mistake.

Above: Wearing your own arm as a makeshift mohawk is not a good look