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God of War's 16 goriest moments

If you thought the main game was gory, the cutcenes are far worse. You get to see heads crushed and lopped off completely, not to mention some impressive impalement.

Above: Kratos will face the God of War, but sneak-kills unarmed women

Beheading Medusa

Poor Medusa. When your gaze can turn anything to stone, your head is instantly a very attractive toy for the enterprising antihero. With this in mind, Kratos stomps hard on her back, causing her to cough up some bloody sick, before twisting her head clean off. We say 'clean', but actually it's anything but. Still, at least the gaze still works while she's dead. That was lucky, eh?

Above:Spiny-tailed, headless and you're still looking at her boobs

Head smash

QTEs are good (sometimes) when they let you do things you couldn't otherwise do in normal gameplay. Arguably, you could smash an enemy's head any time you want, but the QTE lets you do it with so much style:

Above: Ow! That really hurt!

Sword of Artemis

Kratos isn't really one for showing any emotion that doesn't start with 'ang' and end in 'er'. But you just know he's pleased with his new toy when you procure the Sword of Artemis. Especially when it cleaves torso from legin such spectacular fashion.

Above: All of the pants are dead! That's Full-Life Consequences right there

Thought those looked painful? You ain't seen nothin' yet. It's time for God of War 2...