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God of War's 16 goriest moments

This section ends the flying stint and ends with you plummeting to earth. It's Kratos' own fault, mind. What does he expect by lopping the wing off this enemy's steed? Still, that's not before some superbly violent combat, complete with an enemy who literally explodes into a bloody mess as he falls away. Why? Who cares why?!

Above: We'd advise anything with wings to stay away from Kratos

The eyes have it

This Cyclops' myopia won't be helped much by this surgical procedure. This probably wouldn't actually kill the beast, but there's little point in trying to fight if you can't see anything. Kratos gets a nice trophy from it, mind. This is probably how Neversoft made their logo too.

Above: 'You? Kill me? Eye don't think so!' quipped Kratos to himself

Perseus' persecution

Oh, Perseus how we pity you. Thinking Kratos' appearance is another test from the sisters of fate, he believes he must kill him in order to proceed in the temple. Kratos has other ideas. The big P puts up a good fight while he's invisible, but then gets royally murdered once his mask is removed.

Having his skull cracked on a wall would be enough, but then he's drowned. Then impaled and skull-cracked again. Then slammed head frst into the floor of the pool. Oh, and then thrown through a stone wall... where he ends up impaled on a large spike. Kratos knows not the meaning of the word 'overkill'.

Above: Surely a contender for most elaborate gaming death ever

And the winner

So what's the nastiest kill in God of War? They've all been pretty gruesome, but this one gets our vote. The horsekeeper does his best to stop Kratos going any further. Even when he's been dragged from the roof, punch-volleyed into a door and impaled with is own weapon, he still tries to pry Kratos' arm from the door. What follows is one of the most vicious kills in any game. Kratos opens the door, holds the guy's head down with his foot and slams the door on his head. NINE times.

Above: Erm... Kratos? Buddy? He's um, y'know, had enough mate

04 March, 2010

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