God of War's Jotnar Edition is already being resold for double its price

God of War Ragnarok Jotnar Edition
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Update: US pre-orders for God of War Ragnarok's Jotnar Edition have now gone live, and they're proving just as hard to come by as the earlier UK and European pre-orders.

In the US, Jotnar Edition is priced at $259.99, and has already sold out at places like the official PlayStation Store. And just as with the earlier European launch, eBay is already filled with listings that have already sold for nearly double the MSRP. It's a similar story for the $199.99 Collector's Edition - sold out and marked up on auction sites.

It looks like some retailers, including Amazon, are continuing to put up stock after the initial wave of pre-orders, so you'll want to keep checking around before you give into scalper prices. And really, you shouldn't give into scalpers anyway. 

Original story: God of War Ragnarok's Jotnar Edition is already being resold for hundreds more than its original price by scalpers.

Just earlier today on July 15, God of War Ragnarok finally went up for pre-order around the world, beginning in the UK and Europe. While the Jotnar Edition originally retailed for £229.99 at UK storefronts, it's already being resold for at least double that price online.

For example, if you head over to eBay UK right now, you'll see that there are numerous listings for Ragnarok's Jotnar Edition selling for well over £500. The listings do actually descend in price from there however, generally dropping down to above £200 in total.

Still, it's a dire state for customers. With retailer Game already listing the Jotnar Edition as being sold out, there currently isn't another way for UK customers for get hold of the special edition other than going through resellers, and even then, it's not as though consumers are guaranteed a copy.

We're likely to see this happen again later today when the US pre-orders for Ragnarok and its various editions open up. Pre-orders in the US should be going live at 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET, so we'll have to wait and see whether scalpers are quick to get their hands on editions like the Jotnar Edition and relist it online. 

If you didn't already know, the Jotnar Edition of Ragnarok doesn't include the physical game of the sequel, but instead contains a retail voucher that PS4 or PS5 customers can redeem for a digital version of the new game. 

Meanwhile, some God of War Ragnarok fan theories claim Fenrir might actually side with Kratos and Atreus in the end. 

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