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How to find all 51 God of War Eyes of Odin ravens and earn the Allfather Blinded trophy

Volunder Mines

God of War - Volunder Mines map

Over at the expansive Volunder Mines to the south east thankfully there’s just the one raven to find.

VIDEO: 5.11 - 5.32

1. From the Volunder Mines dock, head up to the platform with the mystic gateway. Now look to the sky and you’ll find a raven circling overhead just prime for an axe crushing.

Buri’s Storeroom

God of War - Buri's Storeroom map

There’s not only treasure on the island of Buri’s Storeroom to the east of the lake, but an Eye of Odin too. 

VIDEO: 5.32 - 6.00

1. It’s actually almost easier to hit this Eye of Odin from the Stone Falls rather than Buri’s Storeroom. At the top of Stone Falls put your back to the big wheel and head through the gate towards the Lake of Nine. Looking out, the Eye of Odin is spiralling around the stone column taunting you.


God of War - Veithurgard map

Over by the dragon in Veithurgard in the east of Midgard there are three ravens that you’ll need to find. 

VIDEO: 6.00 - 6.41

1. Right by the dragon’s tether there are two wooden blockades set into the stone. Behind the left hand one is a sneaky hidden raven. 

2. To the left of the giant gates there’s a lore marker and if you put your back to that, there’s a raven to your left. 

3. The last Veithurgard raven is over on the island where the statue stands, and it’s actually circling around the statue itself.

Stone Falls

God of War - Stone Falls map

Time to appreciate to the watery cascades of Stone Falls to find another raven at the east of the lake.

VIDEO: 6.41 - 7.09

1. From the Stone Falls Mystic Gateway, head across the wooden bridge and stand by the wheel crank on the right. Then turn around to look at the cliffs behind you. High above you is your missing raven. 

Council of Valkyries

God of War - Council of Valkyries map

Next it’s off to find the single Eye of Odin located at the Council of Valkyries to the north of the Lake of Nine.

VIDEO: 7.09 - 7.38

1. This Eye of Odin isn’t technically in the Council of the Valkyries itself, but rather in the entrance to it. It’s perched on the prow of the right hand side of the two giant wooden boats marking the entrance to the Mason’s Channel and the Council of Valkyries. It’s easier to hit from the shore to the left of the Alfheim tower though. Just to make things a bit more complicated.

Thamur’s Corpse

God of War - Council of Valkyries map

Who knew ravens liked Thamur’s Corpse so much, with a pair of Eyes of Odin hanging around the giant body at the very north of the Lake of Nine.

VIDEO: 7.38 - 8.15

1. If you stand right in front of the Thamur’s Corpse mystic gateway and look up, there’s a cheeky raven hanging out on the edge of the building. 

2. Inside the main arena in the Hidden Chamber of Odin by Thamur’s Corpse is another raven, hiding in the trees incredibly well hidden. 

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