God of War director Cory Barlog seems to be teasing a new sci-fi project

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Well, here's an interesting one. Cory Barlog, the creative director on 2018's critically acclaimed God of War, is seemingly teasing a new project on Twitter, and fans are already wondering whether it could be God of War 5. 

Earlier today, Barlog tweeted out a cryptic post on his personal Twitter account with the following message:

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In addition, the famed game developer has also changed his Twitter profile picture to  an image of the Voyager 1 space satellite, with a header image featuring NASA's famed photo of deep space and a bio that reads "..... ..... .... ... .. .". 

If you try and translate Barlog's tweet through morse code, the resulting statement reads as "55HSIE", and it's possible those last three letters could be interpreted as the acronym for Sony Interactive Entertainment, the publishing division behind PlayStation's library of PS4 exclusives, including God of War. 

Sony Santa Monica, the studio behind the God of War series, hasn't been shy about teasing a sequel to its lauded action RPG since release, most notably with a PS4 theme that stated "Ragnarok is coming", in reference to the world-ending event of Norse mythology that Kratos may or may not have initiated during the events of God of War. 

The studio has also been on a recent hiring spree for people experienced with God of War's combat, but Barlog's sci-if flavored Twitter riddles suggests this potential new project isn't related to Kratos and Atreus' ongoing saga, unless the pair suddenly find themselves in deep space after a tussle with Thor teased by the God of War ending

We'll be updating this story if and when we hear anything more from Barlog, Sony Santa Monica, or PlayStation itself, but it's worth keeping an eye over on Twitter for the next few days to see what comes of it. Here's hoping it's not all just an elaborate ruse to celebrate N7 day...

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