Go to The Movies

Activision's cinematic sim game The Movies has spawned a heaving community of wannabe directors, and they all want you to be a witness to their celluloid masterpieces.

The game's official website, TheMoviesgame.com, hosts a huge archive of flicks uploaded by enthusiastic players - and you don't even have to own the game to watch these budgetless features.

One short film about the recent Parisian riots titled The French Democracy has even won international attention, earning the movie's bedroom director praise from MTV.com, French newspaper 20 Minutes and even The Washington Post.

With so many eager contributors, the site holds some real gems. Head over there now, before we start discussing our own favourite - Scholastic Films Intelligent Design, a self-aware and irreverent dissection of the right-wing American Christian view on science and evolution. It's ironic, by the way.

The Movies is out now for PC