Glass Onion theory explains why a major Knives Out twist isn't a plot hole

Glass Onion
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Glass Onion has been impressing viewers on Netflix, climbing up the streaming charts and winning over critics. However, there was one plot point that had a lot of people confused in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out sequel.

Of course, in order to get into this, we’ll be discussing major plot points from the movie. So if you’re still hoping to avoid Glass Onion spoilers, bookmark this page for later.

If you’re still here, you’ll know that the plot hinges around Miles Bron (Edward Norton) inviting a group of his friends to a private Greek island. Among those he invites is his former business partner Andi Brand (Janelle Monáe), who we later find out he killed to stop the real origins of his company from coming to light.

Given this is the big twist, some viewers have been wondering why Miles even invited Andi to the island in the first place after killing her. However, one viewer might have worked out what really happened.

Posting on Reddit (opens in new tab) (H/T Digital Spy (opens in new tab)), a user pointed out that Miles likely sent the invitations long before he murdered Andi. Based on the movie’s timeline, it seems that the Andi and Miles court case took place only a few months before the film, while Andi emailed everyone about the napkin about a week before the trip. 

"Miles says his puzzle guy barely got the boxes done in time," the Redditor argues. "That's because he was making five boxes and not four. Blanc is told that Miles does a big gathering like this every year. I believe that he set all this up a year ago (further supported by him hiring Gillian Flynn to write the mystery)."

They continued: "I think he forgot to cancel the fifth box after the trial when it was already being constructed. Miles is the kind of guy who just throws money at things and forgets about it until some shiny new toy shows up."

It’s certainly an interesting idea and given Miles is referred to as an idiot throughout the movie, it would be in character. As well as this, other Redditors pointed out that Miles would likely have aroused some suspicion if he canceled Andi’s box after killing her too, adding fuel to why she received an invite. 

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