Ghostbusters 4 cast and director already have ideas for more sequels: "We know what the next stories are going to be"

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire?
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Ghostbusters 4 may not even be out in theaters yet, but the cast and director are already looking ahead to the future. Titled Frozen Empire, the upcoming film will see the Spengler family return to the franchise's original home of New York City, where a new villain lingers. In fact, the threat is so large they will have to team up with the original gang to take it on, meaning that the likes of Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd will be returning. However, that seems to only be the start of the story...

Although Sony are yet to officially commission any future Ghostbusters movies (it's worth noting here that an animated series for Netflix is currently in the works), Frozen Empire director Gil Kenan already has ideas for what could potentially come next - and not just one story, but several. The filmmaker tells Total Film in our new issue out this Friday, which features Road House on the cover, that not only is he open to more films, but him and executive producer Jason Reitman (who helmed Ghostbusters: Afterlife) have already been thinking about it.

Kenan emphasized that if the audience appetite is there, they are totally up for it: "Jason and I really love Ghostbusters. We love these characters and we would be really happy if audiences were down to keep going on adventures with them. If audiences feel this way, then we know what the next stories are going to be.’

And it isn't just them as the cast are pretty eager to suit up again too. Carrie Coon, who portrays mom Callie Spengler, responded enthusiastically when Total Film asked if she would be up for more adventures, especially since Ghostbusters means so much to her as a woman: "Absolutely! There’s something so thrilling about working on these movies, especially as a woman. We’re not often asked to participate in the adventure or the physical elements of movies like this. We’re often just on the sidelines, so to be thrown into the action has been a real thrill. On top of that… Well, it’s already going to be in my obituary, so I might as well lean in."

Meanwhile Mckenna Grace, who plays Callie's daughter Phoebe Spengler, is just as keen, being more than ready to put the proton pack back on no matter how weighty it is. She told Total Film: "As heavy as those frickin’ proton packs are, I would gladly put one on again. The proton packs weigh around 40 pounds, but I’m fine with that because it’s been a dream come true to be part of this franchise. I love these films. I love getting to be a Ghostbuster. I mean, who are you gonna call? This guy! Me."

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is released in theaters worldwide on March 22. And you can read more about it and a whole lot else besides in the new issue of Total Film when it hits shelves and digital newsstands on Friday, March 1. This is one day later than usual, due to how the Leap Year falls. 

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