Ghost Rider 2 will be darker, scarier and nastier

Don't expect cutesy comic-book action in the Ghost Rider sequel if directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are to be believed.

The duo behind the Crank movies want to show the character of Johnny Blaze as the badass he is in Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance .

“We're feeling like there's a lot of wind behind our sails in terms of people wanting to see a version of the Ghost Rider that they didn't feel they got before and a version that was darker and scarier and kinda nastier and more awesome, I guess,” Taylor told Superhero Hype .

“With a movie like this, we really wanted the Ghost Rider to be a more intimidating presence. We didn't want the way the Ghost Rider looked to be jokey and silly like he may have been in the first movie.”

Taylor said the way to do that was by achieving a level of photo-realism for the character.

“That's something we haven't really done before. If you kind of get two-thirds of the way there but you don't really get there, then the whole effect we are trying to get falls apart. So there's a lot of quality control of making sure that every shot really hit the bar of getting that photo-real, you're right there with him.”

“You're sub-contracting out to all these VFX companies and you're getting some cool shots here and there,” added Neveldine, before describing some effects work as, “Ah, it's not exactly what I wanted.”

“But [ effects house ] Iloura hit us with shots that were not only exactly what we wanted but better, so that was really cool.”