Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - first look

One of the best things about 'playing' in a near-future war is having access to high-tech gadgetry and, you'll be pleased to hear, a new and improved Cross Com system is at your disposal which - together with additional support - will give the player an even greater degree of control.

Cross Com 2.0 allows all support to be viewed in glorious full screen (called Full Control View mode), so when using the unmanned, eye-in-the-sky UAV Cypher, for example, the level of detail and, consequently, the information you can gather is greatly increased. Of course, knowing how to exploit your recon abilities will be vital to your efficiency in the field.

Joining the Cypher is a new ground support vehicle called MULE. An armored transport vehicle equipped with a camera, MULE carries gear (weapons, ammo, health packs, etc) and can also be used as mobile cover. And, like the Cypher, you can take direct control of it and use it to scout ahead for enemy positions.

In addition to being able to take direct control of unmanned support vehicles, Captain Mitchell is also able to issue commands to manned support through Full Control View. This includes squad members, of course, as well as aerial support, such as jet fighters and apache helicopters.

The support you have available is mission dependent, however, so you won't be able to call in an air-strike whenever you want.

Ubisoft told us that support elements would be carried over into multiplayer, although they're anticipating that players will be able to choose whether or not they want to join a multiplayer session with or without support available.