Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - first look

Of course, GRAW isn't about a solo soldier going Rambo and slaughtering enemies of freedom single-handedly. War is a team game and strengthening Mitchell's squad was at the top of Ubisoft's to do list when it began development on GRAW 2.

AI is much improved and automatons are now installed with a greater notion of aggressive and defensive modes. If you send them into a recon situation and they're spotted, they won't just start shooting but will, instead, remain behind cover and wait for your orders. No more having your tactical master plan dashed by trigger-happy tools, then.

A new medic class is introduced and will be a bona fide life saver on the battlefield, bringing with him the ability to heal downed troops, including Captain Mitchell, to their full green status.

Above: Captain Scott Mitchell (pictured) and his squad of ghosts are now fitted out in brand new, pixelated 'digi-camo' gear.

There will also be a much greater distinction between the roles of squad members, so picking the most effective team will require more than just quick-starting with the default selection. For example, choosing the medic has its obvious benefits but when it comes to representing in a firefight Mr Healthpacks is pretty ineffective.

The team all wear a new 'digi-camo' and, like pretty much all theuniforms in the game, this is based on real prototype US military gear. Its pixelated design (hence the name) and lack of hard lines make it more efficient than today's camouflage - the color of the environment is, to the human eye, the most apparent on the camo. Clever stuff.