Ghost Recon 2

ON: PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC - OUT: Autumn

THE PITCH: North Korea is the acceptable face that most developers appear to be using now as home to world-threatening bad guys and Ghost Recon 2 falls in line with that philosophy. It's a squad-based military shooter and Ubi Soft are using the buzzword 'immersion' as the hook to their latest in the Ghost Recon franchise. 'Being there' is the in-place to be and we're promised the chaos of war in the intense battle sequences.


  • Intense battle sequences to provide that feeling of immersion in bloody war.
  • Improved graphics engine, plus the Havok 2 physics engine to enhance the experience of combat.
  • Voice commands, hand signals and a new interface to make controlling your squad easier, more realistic and more fun.
  • A new over-the-shoulder camera angle.
  • New multiplayer modes.
  • THE BUZZ: An improved version of what has gone before is what to expect. The franchise has a formula that has proven very popular and Ubi Soft aren't going to tamper with it to any great extent. Which sometimes is no bad thing...