Ghost of Tsushima launch trailer appears to have gone live early

The Ghost of Tsushima (opens in new tab) launch trailer is now available online, a full four days ahead of the game's Friday, July 17 release date. 

The trailer is still classified as unlisted on Youtube but has already been spread around social media. Curiously, it hasn't been shared by Sony, PlayStation, or Sucker Punch, but there's no doubt that the trailer is legit. It does rather awkwardly end with an "available now" blurb, but the description for the trailer still invites players to lock in their Ghost of Tsushima pre-order (opens in new tab) before July 17, so whatever. 

Update: Sucker Punch has now shared an updated version of the trailer on Twitter. The content is exactly the same, but the ending has ditched the "available now" blurb in favor of a pre-order reminder. 

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Anyway, the trailer is, as expected, cool. This is some of the best and most extensive dialogue we've heard from Ghost of few words Jin Sakai, and the rapid-fire clips in the trailer are a fun showcase of what we can expect from this samurai adventure. Flutes! Grappling hooks! Irresponsibly beautiful plants! And lots, and lots of dead dudes in armor which seems to affect your sword about as much as freshly churned butter. Between a recent developer Q&A session (opens in new tab) and previous trailers, we've seen all of this stuff before, but damn does it always look good in motion.

If you're planning on jumping in on day one, be ready for around 8GB of day-one updates (opens in new tab) on top of the base install size of 50GB. If you're still on the fence about Sucker Punch's samurai stealth experience, read up on the origins of the game and its commitment to historical and cinematic authenticity (opens in new tab)

Players will likely use Ghost of Tsushima's extensive Kurosawa cinematic mode (opens in new tab) to create trailer-length films of their own. 

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