Ghost of Tsushima beats Death Stranding to be one of the games PlayStation fans are most excited for, according to this poll

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In a recent poll, PlayStation fans have voted on the games they're currently most excited to play, and the results are going to surprise you. Well, probably. The Last of Us 2 tops the poll run by IGN with 43.1% of the vote, and next comes Final Fantasy 7 Remake, getting 28.8% of votes. Huh. The last two results are the ones that might surprise you though, as Death Stranding - Hideo Kojima's enigmatic game that might even create a new genre - narrowly loses out to Ghost of Tsushima, getting 13.3% of the vote whereas Ghost of Tsushima got 14.8% of votes.

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That 1.5% percent separating the two is admittedly tiny, and it's worth pointing out that the poll got around 20,000 votes, so it by no means represents the entire PlayStation community. Still surprising though. Especially when you consider that things have been very quiet on the Ghost of Tsushima front since last year's E3 when we got a brief demo of the samurai game - since then there's been no other major news (like the announcement of a release date) from Sucker Punch, the studio developing the game. 

Death Stranding, however, had a flurry of activity in the last couple of months when we got a Death Stranding trailer, details on what the Death Stranding pre-order will get you, as well as enigmatic tweets about the fact that 'tomorrow is in your hands' according to the main man Hideo Kojima himself. But hey, maybe that's why Ghost of Tsushima beat it so narrowly, as we have such little information about the game that people are tantalised by the secrecy surrounding it. Who knows! Now that we finally have a Death Stranding release date you'll be able to play it for yourself on November 8, 2019, and then when Ghost of Tsushima releases you can judge the games for yourself. 

Here's what we know about the tiny details Sucker Punch have put into Ghost of Tsushima, or look below to see what's going on this week in the world of movies, TV, and games!

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