Get three months of Xbox Game Pass PC for free with anime platform Crunchyroll

Xbox has partnered with anime streaming service Crunchyroll to give out three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Crunchyroll outlined the terms of the freebie, which even has its own animated trailer, in a blog post (opens in new tab). The offer is only available for users outside of Asia and for new Xbox Game Pass members, but you don't need an active Crunchyroll Premium subscription to take advantage of it. It makes it simple if you do, but you can also start a new subscription if you've been on the fence, or to keep things totally free, you can also begin a 14-day free Crunchyroll Premium trial and claim the Game Pass time before it's over. 

If you've ever juggled free trials before, you'll know that you can't repeat a trial on the same account and email address, but that's nothing an alternate email can't solve. In other words, even if you've already sampled Crunchyroll Premium before, it would be incredibly easy to start another free trial just to access the three-month Xbox Game Pass PC offer. 

This offer will be available until October 31, and you'll have until November 30 to claim it once you receive your offer code. Crunchyroll is among the best anime streaming platforms out there right now, and Xbox Game Pass has only gotten more unbelievably jam-packed – just the PC library gets you well over 100 games – so this is a pretty good deal all around. It's also kind of funny given that Sony is currently in the process of purchasing Crunchyroll. If that deal goes through, perhaps we'll see PlayStation Plus given out sometime next year. 

If you're looking for more ways to watch anime, check out the Funimation free trial. After some catalog shuffling, it's built up a pretty beefy anime collection of its own. 

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