The price of our favorite gaming TV, the 55” LG E8 OLED 4K set, has been slashed to $1349

get the LG E8 4K TV bargain price

Will you look at that? Miracles do happen. Instead of lasting just two days as we originally suspected, the superb 55” LG E8 OLED 4K TV is still on sale at Newegg Flash for a very tasty $1349. That’s a solid $148 off its current asking price and a whole lot less than you would have paid a few months ago. This is also the cheapest it’s ever been. To tie a final bow around this offer, we think the LG E8 is the best gaming TV you can get. *drops mic*

LG OLED55E8PUA | $1349 (save $148)

LG OLED55E8PUA | $1349 (save $148)
The E8 earned its place as our favorite gaming TV thanks to its outstanding performance, crisp visuals and color accuracy, and solid feature set. It comes highly recommended.

Peerless performance and an attractive, ultra-thin design help this set stand out. The E8’s OLED screen delivers excellent shades of black and a vastly improved HDR picture over previous models, while its use of clear plastic makes the TV screen seem like it’s floating in mid-air. This is one of the prettiest ‘traditional’ sets we’ve seen, and it boasts a responsive input lag of 21.4ms. That’s great for gaming. Yes, the E8 is expensive, but it’s a worthwhile investment, particularly at a discount.

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