Get Started Reading 2000 AD With This Week's Jumping On Issue

Prog 1874 of the long-running British anthology comic is set to be the perfect starting point for new readers

Few names stand taller in British comics than Judge Dredd’s home turf - 2000 AD . First published in 1977, the weekly comic has featured work by writing royalty like Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison. Each issue or “prog” features a range of ongoing stories, including, of course Mega-City One’s most famous lawman.

But for new readers, there’s a problem. How to start reading without having to jump into the middle of a story?

Fortunately 2000 AD has an easier – and less potentially bloody – answer. Prog 1873 will tie up all the existing storylines, enabling Prog 1874 to act as the perfect jumping off point for new readers. Featuring the first parts of five new stories (including two totally new series) Prog 1874 will include content from 2000 AD founder Pat Mills, Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner, New York Times best-seller Dan Abnett, Monsterology writer Gordon Rennie and The Royals artist Simon Coleby.

Available from Wednesday 26 March, the 32-page issue will set you back only £2.45 and will be available in print and as DRM-free digital download from the 2000 AD webshop and through its iPad app.

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Ed Prior