Get Star Wars Battlefront free, plus all 4 expansions, by signing up for a year of PS Plus (Europe only)

Welp, I'm packing my bags and cancelling my PS Plus subscription, because I want to be eligible for this: Sony and EA have partnered up and are giving away free copies of Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition to anyone in the EU who buys 12 months of PS Plus (provided they aren't already subscribed).

If you're wondering how the economics of this work out, a 12-month subscription to PS Plus costs £40. Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition - which contains the base game, plus all four expansions, as well as a plethora of gear and equipment for your soldiers - retails at £30. So you're saving just over 40% by taking advantage of the deal.

Sony says the deal is for a "limited time," but just how limited that time is remains unclear. So if you're in need of some free games (because don't forget, your subscription will also give you access to all the other PS Plus games available in June) or just want to brush up on your skills ahead of Star Wars Battlefront 2, you might want to take advantage of it.

Sam Prell

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