Get Shaun the Sheep on your DS

D3Publisher has confirmed that it will release a DS gamebased on the Shaun the Sheep TV show before the year is out.

The company, who previously distributed PS3/360 title Dark Sector and Puzzle Quest, will be working closely with Aardman Animation to authentically bring the personality and humour of the series to life.

In the game, the sheep have all escaped and Shaun must find them before the Farmer comes home. He willget to interact with Shirley, Timmy, Bitzer and other characters through areas like the junk pile, the sheep pool and the circus tent.

The game will feature three gameplay modes: story, minigame and collection mode. There's no information as to the specifics of these modes, yet. Or at least, nothing we find coherent anyway.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 17, 2008