Get Fortnite Pro tips from GamesRadar's Gamescom After Dark show and Two Angry Gamers

Sure, we've already got plenty of Fortnite tips but what you really want are some pointers from the pros. People like Tommy and Adam from Two Angry Gamers

So we got Tommy and Adam in the studio for our Gamescom After Dark show to play a few rounds, and see what advice they might have for the aspiring Victory Royal hopefuls. 

You can obviously watch them play and chat in the video, but their key tip overall for Fortnite is to get good at building. "Because it is a battle royale there is an element of chance and luck with what weapons you find," explains Adam, but crucially, "because you’ve got the building element there’s no luck in that, it’s pure skill.”

So while you can't have any say in what guns or gear you might end up with, you are always in control of what you build and how fast. So practising that is key to success for the Two Angry Gamers and they recommend Playground mode to hone your skills. Builder Pro's control mode is also great if you can master it, as having all the building options on separate buttons means you can throw up structures far faster than selecting things in the build menu. And, if you are going to build, always be farming materials. Swing that pickaxe every chance you get so you're never sort on mats. 

There'll be another Gamescom After Dark tonight starting at 7pm CEST where you can expect all this: 

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8.05 - 8.10PM CEST Starlink Battle gameplay from Ubi's space toy game. 

8.10 - 8.30PM CEST Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice demo with From Software

8.30- 8.45PM CEST Honor’s latest voyage into mobile gaming and the tech they have on the way.  

8.45 - 9.00PM CEST Developer Panel featuring Broken Sword's Charles Cecil.

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