Get every trophy and ending in Heavy Rain

On The Loose

Unforgivable (bronze)
Do not forgive Madison
1) When you discover Madison’s real motives, don’t forgive her.

Lover boy (bronze)
Forgive Madison
1) When you discover Madison’s real motives, forgive her.

Escape Master (bronze)
Escape the police at the motel
1) Evade the cops until you reach the roof of the motel.
2) When given the option, jump off the roof to escape.


Swimming Instructor (bronze)
Save Lauren under the water
1) Remove Lauren’s seat belt BEFORE kicking the window.

Face to Face

Invincible Scott (bronze)
Do not get shot in Kramer’s villa
1) Don’t miss ANY prompts during the action sequence.

Kind Hearted (bronze)
Give Kramer his medicine
1) When Kramer has a heart attack, go over to his desk and pick up the medicine.
2) Walk over to Kramer and use the medicine.

The Rat

Sacrifice (bronze)
Drink the poison
1) Pick up the vial and drink the poison.

Clever Dad (bronze)
Work out where Shaun is held
1) Choose ‘852 Theodore Roosevelt Road’ on Ethan’s GPS. You can ONLY get this Trophy if you’ve failed one or more of the trials.

Killer%26rsquo;s Place

Cold as Ice (bronze)
Survive the explosion by hiding in the fridge
1) Make your way through the fire into the kitchen.
2) Remove everything from the fridge, then get inside to escape the blast.

The Old Warehouse

Simple Mind (bronze)
Save the Origami Killer before he falls
1) During the fight on the conveyor belt, the killer will slip. Choose to rescue him.

So Close... (bronze)
Reach the end with all characters... and fail
1) Let Jayden die on the conveyor belt battle.
2) Fail Madison’s motorcycle sequence.
3) Put Shaun down to open the door.