Get a head start in Tabula Rasa

Sept 7, 2007

Tabula Rasa has gone gold and will launch across Europe and North America on October 19. As an extra incentive you get on there three days early if you pre-order.

Producer Starr Long, who co-founded developer Destination Games with Garriott in 2000, told us back in June, "Tabula Rasa is a science fiction MMORPG being created by Richard Garriott and other key folks like me who have some of the deepest experience in the genre. The game features some key elements that differentiate it from what has been done previously in MMO games."

"One of those key elements is having a very dynamic battlefield. In most online games the computer controlled characters (NPCs) are just standing around waiting for you to kill them. They don't really do anything and they certainly don't interact with each other."

"In TR the NPCs are constantly doing things whether you are there or not. They patrol around, they interact with the world and of course they constantly fight each other (there's a war going on after all)."

"For example the NPC soldiers of the Allied Free Sentients, which is the fighting force that you are a member of, controlled by the good guy AI are constantly fighting the Bane soldiers' bad guy AI, even seizing Control Points."

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Courtesy of CVG.