Get a FREE Apex Legends poster-map with Official PlayStation Magazine #160

Get your free Apex Legends guide pack with every issue of Official PlayStation Magazine.

That's right, Official PlayStation Magazine issue 160, on sale March 12, is offering the hand-up we all need in Respawn's epic battle royale. If you need to know where the hotspots are, the best respawn points, or just to marvel at Apex Legend's map by glancing up at the wall, then Official PlayStation has you covered. Plus, every issue comes with a set of tips cards, covering everything from character strategies to weapon use, and map tactics. You can pick up the new issue in all good UK newsagents from March 12, or order a copy online (US / UK / Rest of World) from the My Favourite Magazines website.

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There's more in the latest issue than the Apex Legends poster and tips pack, we  also scooped exclusive access to Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fuelled with a detailed hands-on, new screens, and an interview with Thomas Wilson, creative director and co-studio head at Beenox. He told us after spending 20 years in the industry, making Nitro-Fueled was like coming full circle.

"I fell in love with this game because of the awesome mechanics and the awesome track design and the personality that comes out of the characters, so our responsibility was first and foremost making sure that we were recreating that as close as possible – to really have the muscle memory kicking in as you play Nitro-Fueled."

Playing Nitro-Fueled revealed how challenging the PS1 original was, read OPM's views in issue 160.

Playing Nitro-Fueled revealed how challenging the PS1 original was, read OPM's views in issue 160.

There's plenty more besides Crash and Apex Legends in OPM#160, including hands-on impressions of A Plague Tale: Innocence and Judgment from Yakuza developer Ryū ga Gotoku. We make a game inside Dreams and show you how. And we chat exclusively with Team Sonic Racing's Takashi Iizuka about the other kart racing coming to PS4 this summer.

Official PlayStation Magazine 160 goes on sale Tuesday, March 12 in both print and digital forms. Print subscribers, however, are reading their new issues right now. To join them, check out the latest Official PlayStation Magazine offers.

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