George, Chuck, Larry and Evan

George! Brad! Matt! Don! All the others, including new arrival Al Pacino! We’d list every high profile cast member for Ocean’s 13, but frankly our fingers are getting tired.

Suffice to say it’s another stylish slice of Vegas cool as Danny and the boys are forced to team up with their old nemesis Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) to steal from an even richer man (Pacino’s scheming billionaire). Will they pull it off? What do you think?

We’re hoping this one will be better than the smug-fest that was Ocean’s 12. With Pacino’s shouty/whispery goodness, it has a chance. Catch that trailer here .

Moving to today’s first comedy trailer release, it must be said that the first promo for Adam Sandler’s latest comedy – I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry – doesn’t exactly charm you right away.

Still, the concept – that firefighter Larry (Hitch’s Kevin James) would “marry” Chuck (Sandler) so that his pension can benefit his kids – is a solid enough comedy concept. And there are enough easy laughs here to make us think this might be easier to get through that Click.

And there’s always the bonus of funny folk surrounding the main pair – such as Steve Buscemi and Dan Aykroyd. But the apparent presence of yet another awful Rob Schneider character doesn’t help matters, although we’ll take all the goofy, insulting nonsense we have to from Schneider to get more of Jessica Biel’s sexy, sassy lawyer lady.

Check out the trailer here and give us your opinion on the message boards.

Finally, Steve Carell’s new comedy – the sequel to Jim Carrey religio-farce Bruce Almighty – has also gotten a full-length promo premiere online. What is it about Friday? Oh, that’s right – the trailers will be arriving attached to films in cinemas this weekend.

This time, Carell’s smug, egotistical newsman Evan Baxter has ditched the media and has been newly elected to congress. But just when his life seems perfect, up pops God (Morgan Freeman) with a challenge – build an ark to save the animals, Noah-style. Evan scoffs, but soon nature’s creatures are following him around and he can’t stop growing his hair. Life lessons aplenty follow.

Carell obviously hasn’t been taught one of the big lessons of cinema – never work with children or animals, though the site of him arguing with baboons is something to be savoured. Even if one of them looks like he’s about to rip the comic actor’s face off.

Still, the trailer is now here, and you can judge for yourself. Go watch it by clicking here and the movie’s official site can be located here .

Ocean’s 13 hits cinema on 8 June, Chuck And Larry arrive on 21 September and Evan Almighty washes in on 3 August.

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