George A Romero discusses dream projects

George A Romero has been discussing his dream projects and we've decided that we'd probably pay 10 times the price of a normal cinema ticket to see one of them.

Romero said: "I have this balls-out comedy zombie thing I have wanted to do for three years. It's basically the coyote and the road runner. It's one human and one zombie. You can do a lot of damage to a zombie, and it still lives. So I just had this idea that I'd love to do that [as] almost a cartoon. That's the one that's closest to my heart, but I don't know if anyone's ever going to get it enough to say, 'OK, we'll finance that.'"

Which, we're sure you'll agree, sounds like a work of genius up there with Citizen Kane, Vertigo and Return Of The Living Dead. We really hope a film suit somewhere sees sense and gives it the greenlight.

To hear George's thoughts on the films he's wanted to make since childhood, go to

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