Genshin Impact announces Baizhu and Kaveh for update 3.6

Genshin Impact update 3.6
(Image credit: Hoyoverse)

Ahead of the newly revealed 3.5 update, Genshin Impact players are already talking about update 3.6 now that Baizhu and Kaveh have been announced.

Developer Hoyoverse revealed the two 3.6 characters in some surprisingly early social media posts. Baizhu is technically the first Dendro character we've ever seen, as he was introduced in the original Liyue storyline way back at launch. Kaveh is a more recent addition to the game, positioned as a foil to Alhaitham in Sumeru. 

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"There's a pharmacy in Liyue called Bubu, and in it is Dr. Baizhu," reads one lore snippet. "His skills make all illnesses better, but his medicines are really bitter!" Given his role as a pharmacist, Baizhu is expected to be some sort of Dendro healer or shielder, though his play style and weapon remain unknown. I'm also hoping to see his pet snake Changsheng, who can talk for some unexplored reason, play a role in his abilities.

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Kaveh is described as "a renowned architect from Sumeru, known as the Light of Kshahrewar. He is one of the most high-profile figures in the industry." We've already gotten to know him a fair bit, so his release is no surprise. If anything, there was a reasonable chance Kaveh and Alhaitham would debut simultaneously in update 3.4. 

With the release of Baizhu and Kaveh, Genshin Impact will have seven total Dendro characters (excluding the Traveler), which is a pretty good showing for the newest element in the game. Hell, that puts Dendro representation on par with Geo, easily the worst and most neglected element in the game, and it's been around since day one. 

Meanwhile, update 3.5 is mired in disappointment with disappointed Dehya diehards piledriving the official Genshin Impact account straight to Reddit Hell.  

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