Genshin Impact update 3.5 brings Dehya, Mika, and over 20 free wishes

Genshin Impact update 3.5 has been revealed, and the headliners are a few dozen free Intertwined Fate to spend on limited banners and, oppositely, an unexpected addition to the standard banner character pool: Dehya. 

Dehya is the new five-star character of update 3.5, and she'll be added to the standard list with the release of update 3.6. She's an off-field Pyro applier who can absorb damage for on-field teammates and unleash fiery punches during a short elemental burst. Dehya is joined by the new four-star Mika, who's been billed as a support character specifically for Eula (and perhaps Razor), though Eula is curiously absent from the 3.5 banners. 

Dehya will debut on the first half of the patch alongside a rerun for Cyno, with the second half featuring reruns of Cryo all-stars Ayaka and Shenhe. This will be Shenhe's first rerun, and Mika is bizarrely on the second banners despite being a physical damage support. As a reminder, even if you don't pull for Dehya right now, you'll still be able to obtain her if you whiff on future limited banners or hit a five-star on standard. 

If you're relying on those aforementioned free wishes to pull for new characters this update, you'll want to catch up on the archon quests. Each archon quest act will now award one Intertwined Fate, three Hero's Wit (purple character XP), three Sanctifying Essence (purple artifact XP), and six Mystic Enhancement Ore (blue weapon XP). That's according to a graphic shown on the reveal stream, but the bonus rewards may vary. Still, the guaranteed free pull is the important part. 

In addition to the new 3.5 archon quests featuring Dainsleif, these rewards will be given out retroactively for all the archon quests you've completed thus far. If you're up to date with all the regions, you can look forward to nearly two dozen free pulls in update 3.5 (depending on whether Hoyoverse also counts prologue and prelude quests). You can claim these rewards via the tour guide page of the adventurer's handbook. 

Update 3.5 will also feature a free weapon, the four-star Mailed Flower claymore, as part of Mondstadt's latest Windblume Festival. Other events include a rerun of Spices From the West, another fungus-taming event spliced with the Theater Mechanicus tower defense mode and combined into some kind of auto-battler, and a rerun for the popular Vibro-Crystal Verification combat gauntlet. 

While technically scheduled for March 1, update 3.5 will be out late Tuesday, February 28 for most Western players, with the exact timing depending on maintenance downtime.  

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Austin Wood

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