Genshin Impact gives out more free rewards after doubling error

Genshin Impact
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Some Genshin Impact players received two in-game mail allowing them to collect double rewards as part of the 'Flowing Lights and Colors' events, and now that prize will spread to everyone else.

Genshin Impact's Flowing Lights and Colors event starts today, and travelers who have reached adventure rank 2 or above are welcome to claim the rewards. Some players were delighted to find that they received two sets of mail allowing them to collect the prizes two-fold. Noting the error, developer MiHoYo has now decided to even the playing field by giving all those eligible double rewards for the day. The intended gifts were: 2 Intertwined Fate, 10 Golden Crab and 12 Sanctifying Unction.

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It seems that since the error was noticed, there will only be regular rewards for the rest of the week. However, this still means that players can claim three sets of items for free, over the next four days. Those logging in to Genshin Impact and collecting their rewards will be able to claim: 2 Fragile Resin, 5 Tianshu Meat, 5 Hero's Wit, 2 Intertwined Fate, 3 Guide to Diligence, 3 Guide to Gold, 3 Guide to Prosperity, 6 Sanctifying Unction, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and 50,000 Mora.

This isn't the first time Genshin Impact has had to tweak its approach slightly. Last month miHoYo brought back the Windtrace Event, but disabled Mona and Ayaka's special sprint, which allowed players using those characters to become completely invisible. And back in December, many players complained about the large Rifthound enemies which came with a devastating million-HP health bar.

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